Do you know other projects dealing with high quality typesetting with
 Java or if Java 1.5 will bring improvements? I'm thinking about
writing my diploma thesis about how to extend the current/implement a
 typesetting API for Java.

The iText project exposes an API for obtaining metrics (including kerning tables) of a TrueType font (and perhaps Adobe, not sure). This information can easily be used to write an algorithm which incorporates kerning into a custom font rendering pipeline. I've done it and can help if need be.

Last time I checked, Java 1.5's slated Java2D changes did not include
this issue.  I for one would love to see better font anti-aliasing and
more font layout controls in the Java2D API.

Let me know if you find anything.  We probably ought to take future
messages on this thread off-line unless some of the FOP developers are
interested in this topic for future FOP work.


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