Ok, Finn, what we need from you is your preferred unix username and the
email address you would like to have <uid>@apache.org forwarded to.

At least as important is to immedidately sign the Contributors License
agreement (CLA) and send (or fax) it to the Apache Software Foundation
as fast as possible. I'd send it in paper, even if it takes longer
there's a higher chance of immediate success. You only get the account
if the CLA has been received. Find the CLA here:

As a new committer there are a few things to learn:

Feel free to ask for help with setting up SSH or whatever when you get
your login.

Glen, hold on just a few more days.

On 30.12.2003 06:39:12 Glen Mazza wrote:
> Joerg/Jeremias,
> Please do what you need to do to give Finn write
> access to CVS--I'm drowning in his patches...

Jeremias Maerki

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