Glen Mazza wrote:
Good idea. Actually, more than "showing interest in
FOP development", Chris has already submitted
substantive patches in layout (the most complex part
of our system) with welcome enthusiasm. He's also a
competent Java and XSLT developer in his own right,
i.e. outside of FOP, and hence can be trusted in
voting decisions on FOP's architectural direction.

And, yes, a very mundane detail but important for FOP
work:  he knows CVS and Ant!

He would be a good addition to the team, hopefully
providing us more help with layout (and the renderers,
if I may get a little more greedy... ;)



Hi Glen,

thanks for the vote of confidence Glen, and the rest of the FOP Dev Team. Actually I thought you were pretty disappointed with my attempts at playing with layout-I stand corrected.

Best wishes for the new year,


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