Hi Peter,

moved this discussion to FOP dev as its a bit O/T for a bug. Basically Jbuilder9 had changed the line endings of my file from LF to CR+LF. I specified LF when I checked out using WinCVS, and indeed all unchanged files still had LF endings. Only PDF Renderer had been changed to CR+LF. No other process touched the file, so JBuilder9 must be to blame.

Other problems I found in JBuilder9 is the behaviour of the tab key (I know I shouldnt use it for FOP, but for other work) By default Tab is a shortcut for Format which re-formats the code, and does silly things like changing the way a long line is split so that just 1 character ends up on some lines. If you re-assign the shortcut for Format (so Tab doesnt mess up the code) then you cant indent multiple lines at the same time. Bring back JBuilder6 ...


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