J.Pietschmann wrote:

Unfortunately, ther is more to justification than just expanding spaces.
In the long term, you'll have to deal with leader expansion as well as
start and end space for inlines and perhaps letter spacing.
Leaders are particularly nasty because of they mey be aligned. It may
be necessary to insert spaces in order to get alignment, but still
avoiding inserting unnecessary spaces.

Yes you are right. But my aim is to get some basic functionality working first and then iteratively refine the functionality to improve compliance. The refinement could happen after a release. Doing a release will encourage patches from new users and the refinement process should then snowball.

If we aim for 100% compliance from the outset then we'll never accomplish anything.

I'm going to change this to set TSAdjust to dAdjust.

Is this really a good idea?

Dont worry Im going to make the changes that I think are reqd to achieve basic justification, and then do some local testing. After which well decide what to do. Is there something else Im missing?


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