I moved the 64 or so property value interfaces from
separate autogenerated files to

The work is not perfect--there are still a few
linkages to (autogenerated) generic enumerations (I
will fix these after we apply Finn's latest properties
patch), a couple of interfaces conflicted name-wise
with already existing classes (I just commented those
interfaces out--we can forgo those).  Also, for
classes not implementing Constants, a
Constants.InterfaceName.PropertyValue name ends up
needing to be used--but for these, we can also easily
revert to Constants.PropertyValue.  These interfaces
are just meant to be a developer convenience, not
something required.

One (minor) thing I would like to fix though, is that
the interfaces are not appearing in alphabetical order
in (Java [1], XSLT source [2]) (in the
XSLT, under the Enumeration Interfaces comment:

// Enumeration Interfaces 
/>  )



I am not an XSLT guru--offhand, does anyone know of a
simple way to get the interfaces to appear
alphabetically?  It's not that big a deal, but there
might be something very obvious I've missed, a simple
change to get them in alpha order.


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