I have just catched up with the massive changes to the property
system. Allow me to share a few observations:

1. If I see correctly, PropertySets is not yet used. PropertyList is
   still a HashMap keyed on property name. Is this waiting for
   some other changes to be made?

2. In FOPropertyMapping the word 'generic' is used in two different
   senses: in s_generics and getGenericMappings() on the one hand,
   and in genericBoolean etc., createGenerics() and useGeneric() on
   the other hand. This may be confusing. One might e.g. be tempted to
   think that s_generics contains the objects genericXxx only, which
   is not the case.

3. getGenericMappings rebuilds s_generics every time it is called. In
   the current code it seems to be called only once, by FObj when the
   class is loaded. Would it not be better if getGenericMappings
   itself would ensure that the array is built only once?

Simon Pepping

Simon Pepping
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