--- Finn Bock <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

Does anyone know why we wrap the datatypes instances
in a property instance? I think we could avoid the property
instance by having the datatypes extends an AbstractProperty class which
implement a Property interface:

public interface Property {
    public Length getLength();
    public Space getSpace();

[Glen Mazza]

Finn, just so I understand more here--what is the set
of methods that this interface would have?  (You don't
have to give me a full enumeration if it's huge--but
let me know you determine them.)  How many of them are
there--10 of them or 20 or 30 or ???

This is the full set, exactly the same which now exists in Property as null methods.

    public Length getLength();
    public ColorType getColorType();
    public CondLength getCondLength();
    public LengthRange getLengthRange();
    public LengthPair getLengthPair();
    public Space getSpace();
    public Keep getKeep();
    public int getEnum();
    public char getCharacter();
    public Vector getList();
    public Number getNumber();
    public Numeric getNumeric();
    public String getNCname();
    public Object getObject();
    public String getString();

The name of the returned compound property values would change according to the new naming rule that we decide.


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