Very cool! I did the whole thing manually back when I exchanged the
"illegal" short licence with the long one.

But I noticed the following:*checkout*/xml-fop/src/java/org/apache/fop/area/inline/

It looks like the {YEARS} marker seems not to have worked on some files
you checked in yesterday.

On 30.01.2004 00:00:46 Peter B. West wrote:
> Fops,
> I have committed the perl script bin/lic_to_2 in FOP_0-20-0_Alt-Design. 
>   It's function is to substitute license 2.0 for 1.1.
> It is called as
> $ lic_to_2 --lic2 {file containing license 2.0 text} {file to modify}
> The intended usage is something like:
> $ find . -name '*java'|while read file;\
> mv $file $file.orig;\
> do lic_to_2 --lic2 {lic2 file} $file.orig > $file;\
> done
> I have already committed java and plain text versions of 2.0 to the root 
> directory of FOP_0-20-0_Alt-Design.  Note that these license files 
> contain a {YEARS} marker which is replaced from the actual years in the 
> source file copyright notice when the script is run.
> When we get the OK, I'll use this to update the licenses in alt-design, 
> and, if that works, I can also do the maint and HEAD sources.

Jeremias Maerki

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