Alex wrote:

Hi, I've been looking at this for a couple of days, and figured I'd do best
to post and see what other folks think about this.

Thanks for speaking up.

I have to implement PPD when generating PS for the project (FOP embedded
app) that I'm working on - I need to be able to force printer tray
selection/stapling etc.

I also have had to do this. I wrote a java program to post process the postscript. But the tray can only be switched for physical pages, and not according to when a page master changes. To switch tray on logical pages, a change needs to be made to FOP. An extension element as a child of simple page master is one way of achieving this.

As such, I have "butchered" the version of FOP (0.20.5) that were using
in development here and have managed to get a rough and ready version of
what we need. If anyone is interested or has had a play with area,
please feel free to drop me a line.

I'd be really interested if the group as a whole had any thoughts/ideas
which I could look at implementing and/or contributing back to the
project (if you'll take 'em of course!).

Patches are most welcome, but as Jeremias pointed out they are unlikely to make it into 0.20.5 because that is a frozen code base. We are focused on HEAD development.



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