Jeremias Maerki wrote:
While we're at it: I think it's about one year since I got voted into
the XML PMC. According to the following section of the XML project's
mission statement:

5.4 Every 12 months, (or as required by the Board or PMC) each subproject of will nominate 1-2 individuals to represent them on the PMC. To become a sub-project's representative on the PMC, an individual must be nominated by a contributor, unanimously approved by all PMC members, and approved by a two-thirds majority of the sub-project's active committers. In most cases, developers will have actively contributed to development for at least six months before being considered for membership on the PMC. may be time to replace me as well. I have nothing against
staying in this role for now (on the contrary) but I'd like to make the
post available to Glen, if he desires it. I guess he's the only
candidate matching the above criteria right now.


I have no problem with your continuing. If we need a formal vote,

Jeremias to remain as one of our PMC representatives:


Peter B. West <>

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