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> > Started having strange ideas on the possibility of a
> > scenario like
> >
> > 1 XML + 1 XSLT => n FOs => n PDFs
> >
> > XSLT processors support extension functions for the
> > output to multiple FOs,
> > but in what way could (or does) FOP support the
> > multiple PDF rendering?
> Interesting question...I would think the extension
> functionality allows only multiple output *files*
> only, correct?  (I.e., if just a stream of bytes --
> there is no dividing delimiter with the stream for
> each FO.)  If this is the case, our Ant task should be
> able to handle it (just refer it to a directory where
> the generated FO's are.)

The Ant task was also my first thought, another maybe an extension of our

The XSLT extension functions actually are meant to redirect certain parts of
the transformation result to other files. Check Xalan's redirect extension,
for example
So normally, you would lose the link to the alternate output files after
completing the main XSL transformation (so before FOP starts doing its
pretty work).

In the case such a strategy were used, we may need to advise our users to
apply certain other rules, like keeping track of the redirected files (--as
this may be too processor-specific to deal with in our code) and storing
them in extension elements in the main FO.
Our own extension-handling code for the elements in question should be able
to the rest, maybe in combination with an Ant task.



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