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I have to create several pdf-files out of one xml document.
Currently I write several fo-files using redirect:write to disk
during xsl processing and then read them in again for fo
processing. This strikes me as sub optimal. Does anybody have
any ideas or pointers for a more straight forward process, i.e.
one not requiring the intermediate writing to disk?

This one appeared on Mulberry today... Damn', am I psychic or what? ;)



Damn! You're psychic! (not to mention IMHO, a boon to the FOP project as well!).

In my application we create multiple page-sequences using multiple "xsl:include" templates, which _look_ different, but are still one PDF file. If certain flags are set in my source XML, my app creates: 1) a bill; 2) a disclaimer; 3) a letter; 4) an extra document. All except the Bill are optional. I suppose that, using iText or some other post-processor, these could be extracted into separate files. Perhaps this might be a workaround-type solution if one is looking for one. Can iText be used for this type of extraction? It appears so[1]. Perhaps that interaction could be improved if FOP supported some sort of PDF "comment", which iText could look for. That may not be necessary, though. Even better, of course would be "no workaround" needed, whereby FOP would just create separate files. Better still, would be for FOP to create separate files, *and* be able to link portions on-the-fly.


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