As promised I've started a Wiki page with all the things I collected
about the XML Graphics PMC (Batik and FOP moving closer together). This
is to move on the discussion that started earlier. Once the board is
satisfied with the federation proposal and this XML Graphics idea
doesn't face opposition I'd like to create a concrete proposal that will
be voted on by the Batik and FOP projects (and probably the XML PMC) and
the approved by the board.

I'd like again to invite everybody to participate in the discussion.
Unless you haven't done so already please subscribe to
[EMAIL PROTECTED] as this is the right place to discuss this (it's
not so high-volume after all). I'd like the XML PMC to be able to follow
the discussion, too. Thanks.

If anybody considers this a bad idea, please speak up. There might be
issues because this proposal essentially only replicates the XML project
down to a smaller scale but I think this can still satisfy the board's
wishes. I'm curious to your comments.

Jeremias Maerki

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