Don't speak too soon, Glen. I'll have words to the Board about this. If the Board were concerned about the legal ramifications, they would be obliged to mandate the removal of author tags. Why don't they? Until they demonstrate otherwise, I'll assume that the *real* agenda is " issues dealing with collaborative development," and ignore the Board's discouragement.


Glen Mazza wrote:
Score (another) one for Jeremias... ;)

--- Greg Stein <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

 - author tags are officially discouraged. these
create difficulties in
   establishing the proper ownership and the
protection of our
   committers. there are other social issues
dealing with collaborative
   development, but the Board is concerned about
the legal ramifications
   around the use of author tags

 - it is quite acceptable and encouraged to
recognize developers' efforts
   in a CHANGES file, or some other descriptive
file which is associated
   with the overall PMC or release rather than
individual files.

-- Peter B. West <>

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