PS is mostly tested using GhostScript (and Acrobat Distiller).

Also download GSview which is a viewer frontend for GhostScript.

I haven't done any PCL-testing myself, but I guess with PCL you will
need two or three different PCL printers if you want to do it seriously.
I know there are a couple of good commercial PCL viewers available but
maybe GhostPCL does the trick, too. But I don't think the PCL renderer
does more than compile right now. We should probably concentrate on PDF,
PS, Java2D and SVG outputs first.

Another tip: For PDF testing I use GhostScript/GSview, too, because it
automatically refreshes the currently displayed file as soon as it's

I'll try to allocate time to finish the testing infrastructure thingy
I'm working on. Probably I'll simply upload as soon as I have something
usable so you can jump in if necessary. That will enable us to view PDF,
PS etc. side by side, hopefully with image diffs in the future.

On 24.02.2004 01:50:05 Glen Mazza wrote:
> Team, simple question:
> I use Adobe Acrobat to test PDF results.  Are there any free/open-source 
> viewers to test PCL and PS results -- on either Windows or Linux?  I've 
> never used PS & PCL before, so I don't know much about them.

Jeremias Maerki

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