On Mar 4, 2004, at 9:01 AM, Christian Geisert wrote:
Christian Geisert wrote:
J.Pietschmann wrote:
Should we wait for the Apache XML reorganization to
complete or should we rush ahead and create out own
Wiki already?
+1 for the new wiki
It has a nicer look, supports XML export and we can have 'commit messages' to fop-cvs

Others opinions?

Considering this a strong recommendation from infrastructure
I'd say we migrate to the new wiki (of course if there are no -1s)
There's a tool for automatic converting content from the old wiki
and if this doesn't work I'll volunteer to do it manually.


Sounds good to me... Looks 'snappier'! (sorry! ;-) and the added capabilities[1] look promising. There're a couple of other Wiki's I'm involved with I'd like to have upgraded to MoinMoinWiki as well. Anyway, this looks like a nice move to me, especially since it looks like the Apache General Wiki[2] has moved to MoinMoinWiki as well...



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