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> Thanks, Manuel.  We have about 430 people on FOP-DEV,
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> --- Manuel Mall <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > The e-mail to fop-dev below which I received last
> > night contained the Beagle
> > virus and according to the SMTP headers it was
> > distributed via the Apache
> > mail server. This seems to indicate that
> >
> > a) The Apache list server has no virus scanner.
> >
If I may:

a) The Apache list server has no virus scanner? That's unlikely the case. In
the worst case it was maybe offline for half a minute, just enough to allow
*one* malicious message to pass... On some corporate networks that do have a
scanner, usually one or two per user get through anyway, so I guess only one
message isn't that bad after all.

> > b) As the fop-dev list is by subscription only that
> > a fop-dev member (or an impersonator) has an infected computer.
> >

b) (impersonator) Someone is using info from people subscribed to the list
(or from Apache itself) to send infected mails around to as many people as
possible. The bit of data necessary to engage in such actions was most
likely taken from one of the subscribers' computers, that much is true.

OTOH I seriously doubt there's enough reason to assume that the culprit is
actually among the subscribers. On the contrary, I have every bit of
confidence that every single one of these 430 is smart enough to stop the
spread in their own mailbox.

And you?



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