I'm replying to [EMAIL PROTECTED], because I believe this question will reach your intended audience, and may answer other people with the same questions as well.

In addition to Chris Bowditch's response (included below since it was not sent to fop-dev):

On Mar 9, 2004, at 12:43 AM, Chris Bowditch wrote:
Peter Billen wrote:
- applications, projects, ... which use Apache FOP

Take a look at Cocoon.

- projects similar to Apache FOP - I found something about Jade (used in
docbook I'm correct), but haven't looked into that yet.

Well, xmlroff is the only other open source XSL-FO Formatter, but there are a few commercial implementations. The main ones being RenderX's XEP and Antenna House's XSL Formatter.


There are a few so-called add-on programs on the FOP Resources page:

In addition, Apache's XML project documentation framework Forrest ( can generate PDF files of each page, and can also create a "Whole Site PDF" file. There's also Krysalis Barcode (, which has a plugin for FOP to generate barcodes.

I hope this helps!

Web Maestro Clay

On Mar 8, 2004, at 12:57 PM, Peter Billen wrote:
Hi all,

First of all: I'm mailing you directly, instead of using the mailinglist,
because I'm using Apache FOP as a school project, and I'm not certain if we
can use mailinglists/forums/.. to ask our questions. I hope you don't mark
this message as spam; that's not my intention.

At this moment, I'm writing a paper about Apache FOP, in English. So when
it's done, I can put it on the mailinglist; it might be interesting for
other users. It's mainly an introduction and quick explanation, since I'm
also new to FOP.

It's almost finished, but there are still some sections to do. At this
moment, I'm looking for two things:

- applications, projects, ... which use Apache FOP
- projects similar to Apache FOP - I found something about Jade (used in
docbook I'm correct), but haven't looked into that yet.

I didn't manage to find much on the archive of the mailinglist or the site
about those 2 sections, so this is my reason of writing. I'm hoping you guys
can help me with this and have some examples. I believe giving the users
some real-world examples or comparisons with other similar projects is a
good thing, since XSL:FO can look very abstract and complicated for
beginners (the stage I'm still in), and maybe even convince them to use it
in upcoming projects (as I'm already using it together with bibtex to create
a reference-list of my paper).

Thanks a lot for your time and input,


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