Title: baseline-shift property

Im currently planing to use FOP as a PDF render for our XML documents (transformed (XSLT) to the FO syntax). Everything seems to work fine but I need the render to support the baseline-shift property  -which currently isnt supported by the release version of FOP. Therefore I want to add this to the PDF render, but I after ive been studying the source and the development articles in 2 days I still cant figure out how to do it. It seems like the baseline-shift property is recognized as a implemented Lengthproperty in

        private void createAreaAlignmentProperties()
                // baseline-shift
        m  = new LengthProperty.Maker(PR_BASELINE_SHIFT);
        m.addEnum("baseline", makeEnumProperty(BASELINE));
        m.addEnum("sub", makeEnumProperty(SUB));
        m.addEnum("super", makeEnumProperty(SUPER));
        addPropertyMaker("baseline-shift", m);
But how do I access the values (sub,super,baseline) of the property in a parsed fo:inline block in the PDF renderer(RenderText)?. Im unable to access it through getTrait() - Im rather uncertain whether this property is stored in the FO tree or not?  and if not how do I store this in the FO tree?

I came across a subclass Class BaselineShiftMaker in the API doc but its not distributed with the snapshot of the source !?

Ive problary been misunderstanding a great deal here - but I hope you  can help me anyway ...


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