I also don't think WebStart can help us here. I'd like to add a comment
here. Considerations like this are currently running hot within the ASF.
We need to divide two problems:
1. The ASF is restricted in what it can distribute. There's a policy
forming. I hope all FOP committers are subscribed to [EMAIL PROTECTED]
2. Our users who download FOP expect FOP to be available under the
Apache license (v1 or v2). If we include non-Apache licensed works or if
we download such works from other places (for example using Maven) the
user also has to comply with the licenses under which the other works
are distributed. The user needs to be made aware of that. So it may not
be done with simply downloading files from other locations. AFAICT
people will start (or already have started) to discuss this problem is
it is not only FOP's problem.

I hope the above is understandable. I'm not sure I've understood
everything myself. Just summing up what I read on community@ and

On 19.03.2004 03:15:32 Peter B. West wrote:
> Let's say, for example, that we approach a TeX distribution with a 
> request that we be allowed to download the TeX hyphenation files, as 
> modified for use with Fop.  If they are OK with that, we generate a jar 
> file with the hyphenation files, including the original copyright (and 
> possibly notes about the conversion being done under the auspices of 
> Apache) and drop it on the CTAN servers.  Alternatively, we simply jar 
> up the original TeX files, and include a conversion process in the 
> installation.
> The files are not coming from an Apache server, and they do not carry 
> the Apache license (except for perhaps a "Parts copyright..." notice). 
> It is a convenience to our users that we download such files 
> transparently from another source on installation.

Jeremias Maerki

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