Jerry wrote:


Thank you for your message.

Yes, I realize the data in the byte array "bt" in tiff
does not belong to the standard formatting object.
That is why I got the error "content is not allowed in
prolog". My understanding is I need to either convert
it into the formatting object using XSL or convert it
into XML. However, I am new to FOP and XML/XSL and do not know how to do that. If possible, we need to
convert the data format in memory,that means,
everything is done in memory, not save it as a file
first and process using FOP. Would you please give me
your thought on it or you have a piece of codes for me
to share? I will greatly appreciate it.

Firstly, your question really should have been posted to the user-list. The dev list is really for discussing internal work on FOP.

I believe your goal should be to create a servlet that serves Tiff images up. You can reference the Tiff images from an XSL-FO document using a HTTP URL, via the fo:external-graphic tag. FOP can then be called on the XSL-FO document to generate a PDF, and you can do this within another servlet if you need to.

May I also suggest that you get yourself a good book on XSL-FO and learn the basics before attempting to implement a solution based on XSL-FO.



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