Simon Pepping wrote:

Note in this respect the comment in

   /** Useful only for allowing subclasses of AddLMVisitor to be set by those
    extending FOP **/

right above

   private AddLMVisitor addLMVisitor = null;

I think you should copy that comment to as well.

Just added the comment, thanks. Now I'm back to (1) the space-before/space-after issues on both static-content and fo:flow, and to hopefully (2) add to Andreas' research on the table issue. I tried to run a report at work on 1.0 instead of 0.20.5 and had found five bugs--I fixed four of them, the spacing issues are the last, and then (at least for my report) 1.0 is as good as 0.20.5. Then, test my next report..., and the next, and the next, then finally...the Docbook fo stylesheet!


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