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> In previous versions (builds) of FOP areas have had set ID_AREA trait
> in order to allow identification of original FONodes (and XML elements)
> they had been created from.
> Why is this feature missing in recent builds (1.0DEV)?

This, I think, is because in HEAD, the Layout Managers are responsible for
adding the Areas based on the FOBjs that were used to create them.

> Is there any other possibility how to connect Area -->
> FONode --> XML Element data entities?

AFAICT, the LM doesn't provide a way to allow other objects to talk to its
FObj directly. For instance, there is a setFObj() method, but no getFObj()
that returns it (--and, come to think of it, this shouldn't be necessary)
IIC, then it should be possible to trace it up to the point where the Area
gets added to the AreaTree by the LM ( addArea() or addChild() ) Maybe you
can insert a few steps there to pass the FONode / FObj id to the Area.

Hope this offers a bit of help....



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