Simon Pepping wrote:

Great stuff. Do you think Luca's patch is ready to be committed with this change? Or is more testing required?

No. Without this change other childLMs than TextLM cause an infinite
loop, because null is returned but the childLM never finishes. This is
a special feature of getChildLM(): It is a sort of iterator over the
childLMs but it does not advance to the next childLM except when the
current childLM is finished. With this change the childLM declares
itself finished immediately, without contributing any breakposs. A
real null implementation. :-)

A way must be found to let childLMs other than TextLM contribute to
the Knuth algorithm. Some LMs simply contribute a box. Others,
esp. InlineStackingLM, contribute text elements from their own TextLM
childLMs. These must be forwarded to the LineLM, and the LineLM must
be able to request hyphenation from those TextLMs. This is not
trivial. I expect that Luca is working on it. If not, someone else
must take it up.

Simon, thanks for the full explanation.


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