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Hi Peter - did you have a good honeymoon?


I notice that Glen has been progressively adding validity checking to FO elements. I'll take this opportunity to draw the attention of recent foppers to an earlier discussion of the relative merits of push vs. pull parsing in FOP. Alt-design (which I think I will just call FAD in future) uses pull parsing. The discussion went on over a more than one thread, e.g., and re-surfaced in the discussion of marker handling in FAD,

Yes, I had noticed Glen gradually adding validity checking to FOs, and its a very worth while task. Thanks Glen!

I have read all those Threads at the time, and I dont think I can add anything to them that hasnt already been said before. On the one hand, Alt-design appears to have a very pure design that is hard to fault, and I think your dedication to developing it is very admirable. But at the same time, I cant help thinking that it is distracting effort away from HEAD. I realise HEAD has its faults, but it is an improvment on the maintenance code, and does what it set out to do, overcome design limitations that prevent keep-* properties being implemented.

The best encapsulation is probably the following discussion of the general principles, and their application to validation, with a nice instance of the effects of this validation in the case of simple-page-master.


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