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Subject: Re: [PROPOSAL] Finally creating the XML Graphics PMC....
Date: Fri, 25 Jun 2004 18:43:55 +1000
From: Peter B. West <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
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Thanks for the work on such thankless tasks as this, and thanks for the
nomination.  I have expressed some scepticism about the direction the
Board is taking with TLPs, but it doesn't hurt to have a sceptic on the
PMC.  Like you, I'm sure, I don't particularly like administrative work,
but I'm honoured to be nominated.

I would urge new committers to consider indicating a preparedness (on or
off line) to participate in the PMC.  When I was first elected to the
XML PMC as a FOP rep, I was quite up-front about the appeal of
membership on my C.V., so don't be shy.

I would also like to see you on the PMC, is only because it is fair to
recognise the amount of effort you have put into bringing this TLP into

If you want to bounce ideas about, or drafts of, the charter off me,
please do so.  I'll give what assistance I can.

Formally, my votes for membership of the XML Graphics PMC are:
Joerg Pietschmann +1
Glen Mazza        +1
Jeremias Maerki   +1 (conditional on his acceptance of nomination)


Jeremias Maerki wrote:
Hi everyone,

Berin thankfully pushed again and I'm taking the time for another round.
Considering what I think is the general opinion, here's what I propose:

1. We create that XML Graphics PMC taking Batik and FOP under the new
umbrella. I hope I don't have to explain again that nothing will change
for our users. We will still use the XML project's infrastructure.

2. We will take Batik in even though the patient is in a suboptimal
condition ATM. The PMC to-be-formed agrees to keep an eye on the project
and help if any potential new committer bubbles up. When Batik's life
energies come up to healthy levels again it shall be more strongly
represented in the PMC as people come available.

3. I propose the following FOP people for the minimal initial PMC: Peter
B. West, Jörg Pietschmann, Glen Mazza. I'd also propose at least someof
the more junior committers but I don't know how anyone feels about that.
Please propose any additional candidates as you see fit. I don't propose
myself but I'm available if anyone proposes me.

4. I propose both Vincent Hardy and Thomas DeWeese from the Batik
project as PMC members. I'd appreciate if at least one of the two
accepted even if you can't actively participate in the development.
You know it isn't much to do but it's important to have at least someone
on board.

I'll update the board resolution draft and set up a charter draft during
the next few days (also peeking at the other works). The proposed PMC
members are kindly invited to indicate whether they would be available
for the post. Votes of support are requested for the nominations.

If anyone is against this proposal (or parts of it) please speak up. We
need to get this done.

I appreciate any kind of help I can get.

Jeremias Maerki

-- Peter B. West <>

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