So far, I've met Bertrand and Jörg. No surprise as they live within about
120km of my place. :-) It's really interesting what difference it makes
to have someone directly in front of you. Too bad, Skype still doesn't
have video conferencing support. Anyone already using a video conference
application? Hardware and bandwidth available here. That would be a good
work-around until we have cheap hypersonic travel. Still hoping for
"beaming" to become available....

On 10.07.2004 15:59:09 Peter B. West wrote:
> Foplings,
> On Monday last, the 5th, Jenni and I met Bertrand for coffee at Mt 
> Coot-tha, one of the surface irregularities of Brisbane dignified with 
> the name Mountain.  It does, however, offer a wonderful view of much of 
> the city and surrounds.  Bertrand and family were preparing to depart 
> for a drive up the coast to Cairns, with spot of whale-watching at 
> Hervey Bay.
> It was peculiarly exciting to meet face-to-face one of my FOP 
> colleagues, and underlines what a strange work environment we inhabit. 
> Here's to good, cheap hypersonic travel.

Jeremias Maerki

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