Victor Mote wrote:
FOP Devs:

I am pleased to announce the release of FOray 0.1 alpha 1. This release is
only useful to FOP developers. Some useful information about the release can
be found in these places:
Since it is developers-only, I have not prepared any downloadable packages.
You will need to use CVS to get the code. This is available here:

Hi Victor: Great that you've managed to create a Font API.

Probably the most efficient way to proceed is for Chris to do the initial evaluation work. I can support him off-line, and probably will need to add some doc as a result of his work. Then any others who wish to look at it will have an easier time.

Yes, I will gladly take a look at some point over the next few days.


Implied within FOray itself is a desire on my part to start getting code
released again. I realize that there are several views of how best to get
that done, and that FOray might be viewed as a distraction by some. If that
is the prevailing view, and FOP has no desire to release this code under any
circumstances, then you can save Chris a lot of trouble by reaffirming the
status quo now. This will put the burden on FOray to start releasing
essentially a competing product, which I am not eager to do. (This may
happen eventually anyway if I have time to pursue the modular design that I
think is important, but it is just as likely that a FOP 1.0 release will
make such an effort unnecessary). As a "friend of FOP" I have opinions on
what you should do, but my role here is different, and I will try to remain
neutral, providing information when needed. I'm really just a guy trying to
get some work done -- if it helps you, good; if not, that is OK too.

I am clear on FORay's stance with regard to FOP, and I also hope that some of your work can benefit FOP too. Thats why I dont mind evaluating what you've done so far.


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