On Aug 4, 2004, at 4:38 PM, Glen Mazza wrote:
--- Clay Leeds <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
FYI, I just made this post on the forrest mailing
list[1]. It details
that I made had a BUILD SUCCESSFUL with a /forrest/
run on xml-fop/.

Great! You've had it tough for the past few months here. Before you came on board it used to be easy--just go to Forrestbot and hit the "publish" button. (At least Forrestbot being broken has increased your Forrest skills.)

Yeah... And the switch over from multiple individual/per-directory 'book.xml' files all over the place to using the default (sweet!) sitemap.xmap file helps as well. Unfortuantely, for the time being I'm/we're going to have to *manually* generate the 'example' PDFs (those referenced under examples.html & dev/svg.html). I think the old xml-fop site was based on forrest-0.4 (it worked under 0.5 to some degree, but there were problems). I think things will be simpler now...

There are still things left to do before I COMMIT
changes (decide
whether or not to wait 'til forrest-0.6, new
'css-style'-based skin or
use current forrest-site skin, javadocs/forrestdoc,
updated Apache 7
FOP logos with white background etc.)...

Use your best judgment. We may also be able to reduce some of the web pages--perhaps in terms of comparing the site design pages vs. the new Docbook stuff Simon committed, to see if any of the former can be removed. I'll try to help out sometime in this regard.

I will. My hope is to get us moved to the white, because it's cleaner, and easier to read (IMHO). Whether we'll wait or not depends on how impatient we are. The fact that we can do vi updates if possible is nice... I just need to go back and make certain forrestdoc doesn't somehow clobber the updates...


Looking forward to making some real progress...

Web Maestro Clay

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