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> I am parsing my XML file through FOP parser and then telling the driver 
> render it as PDF. The process is initiated by clicking on a button on 
> What happens is the current IE instance opens the acrobat and displays 
> PDF it.
> The users have to hit back button to get back to the application.
> My question is how do i tell the Driver to open the PDF in a separate
> instance of acrobat (within a new IE instance) or just by  acrobat
> independently.

First: this is not a question for fop-dev. fop-dev is a mailing list for 
people working on the source code of FOP

Second: you cannot tell the Driver to do that - not because it's not 
implemented, but because it's not possible. You must change your HTML 
and/or JavaScript to tell the browser to open a new window for the link.

Hope this helps,

Arnd Bei▀ner
Cappelino Informationstechnologie GmbH

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