[Luca Furini]

The point is that the XSL recommendation states that the default
word-spacing value is "normal", meaning "The normal inter-word space, as
defined by the current font and/or the UserAgent", not zero.
At the moment, the SpaceVal variable in the TextInfo object used by the TLM
     .getSpace().min == .getSpace().max == 0
even if the word-spacing property was not set in the fo document.

So, the right question is: how can the TLM see if the word-spacing property
value is "normal"?

Take a look at the way WORD_SPACING is assigned now in PropertyManager. I assume some other MinOptMax value should be used when the enum value is NORMAL but I don't know exactly where the value should come from.

Anyway, I hope this is a step in the right direction.


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