Today, I've had some quality time with FOP again. A lot of it was just
looking around what was changed while I wan't looking. :-) I still have
66 CVS messages unread.

One thing I didn't really like was the fact the Fop class implements
Constants. From a user's POV this renders the code completion (in
Eclipse, for example) virtually useless as there are simply too many
(unused) items.

Do the RENDER_* constants need to be in Constants? Or even better, would
anybody mind if I wrote a simple facility to create the renderers and
FOInputHandlers from using MIME types instead of hard-coded constants?
It would have the advantage to add additional output formats on-the-fly
and made it possible to selectively replace renderers if you have a
special one, for example. It could considerably ease the live of Pete
Townsend when he tries to integrate his AFP renderer as there's no
Fop/Driver.setRenderer(Renderer) anymore. API-wise this would mean that
you wrote:
Fop fop = new Fop("application/pdf");
instead of
Fop fop = new Fop(Constants.RENDER_PDF);

Jeremias Maerki

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