Oh, when I meant "alter the system" I also meant
adding classes, using different classes, etc., i.e.,
some things need to be done beforehand to accomodate a
new element.

Come on! That leaves "alter the system" without any meaning. Recompiling modified sources into a new fop.jar would IMO mean alter the system.

Here is how extensions should work:


and that is effectively what I have done.

BTW, without divulging too much that may hurt your
interests, would you mind explaining your reluctance
to just modify FOP source (replace classes, etc.) for what you are trying to market? Is it licensing
issues--or is it more for programmatic style/user
convenience? I want to better understand your
reluctance on this matter.

Legally the seperation between FOP and extension have placed a solid wall between my opensource fop-dev work and my commercial extension. My client cant claim ownership of any of the fop-dev work since the extension didn't require *any* changes to fop.

Commercially, trying to sell an fork of FOP in order to sell an extension to FOP will never fly.


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