Hi, gang!

I'm Anton Tagunov, a committer with Avalon and Excalibur
apache projects. I'm afraid I have not been much active
withing these projects lately, but I've still got the commit
priviliges and an active apache account.

I have a full understanding of current situation @fop:
0_20_2 branch has been frozen and all efforts have been
directed at reacheing 1.0 release. On the other hand there
has not been a release for quite a while. The only thing
available to users is 0.20.5. And I do know that a massive
refactoring has happened on the path to 1.0. And I do know
that 0.20.5 code is a bit messy which in the beginning
caused the refactoring.

However, being practicle we (I work for Deutsche Bank now)
definetely need fop NOW. We do use 0.20.5. And we do have
local patches for it. I feel these patches may be of a
certain value to others too. Also I would also like to
leverage public review available with open source. Besides
we do have at least several patches against 0.20.5 flying
around cvs.

To make a long story short this is what I propose:

* I go over bugzilla and collect reasonable patches
* I collect my own patches
* as I don't have carma for xml-fop I create one cummulative
patch available as www.apache.org/~atagunov/fop/patch.diff
* I create a 0.20.6-RC1 and make available at
* this release candidate is accompanied with one question:
please make sure that there has been no degradation against
* announcement(s) are made via regular apache news channels
- [EMAIL PROTECTED], they go to planetapache, etc.
* after one or more release candidates some of the peoples
with appropriate carma commits changes to cvs (yes, I know
there may be issues with re-adding the files back around
xml-fop/src/org but that should be solvable one general
concensus is reached) and 0.20.6 is released

The mantra of 0.20.6 would be: no new features, not much
labor, go for low-hanging fruit and fix what is easy to fix
and for what patches are already available.

That should be relatively easy. Piece of cake.

On the upside FOP project which has not had releases for
quite a while while gains some more visibility and showes it
is alive. 0.20.6 announcements will be accompanied with a
big fat comment that it is just a bug-fix and the real
paradize is expected with 1.0.

I do understand the nature of software development. I do
understnad you're at 1.0-dev. I honestly hope some day I
will find enought time and enery to dig into that. But being
practical this is what I can offer fop community right now:
assistance in 0.20.6 release. Low-hanging fruit. Light bug

Perhaps Victor and/or some other patch authors would assist.


Anton Tagunov
Deutsche Bank/Pushkin Project, Moscow, Russia
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