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It really is not such a nonsense as it may seem, Tomcat
3.x.y piecfully co-exist with 4 and 4 coexists with 5.

The trouble is everyone always focuses on 0.20.x to the detriment of 1.0 development. Going for the low hanging fruit in 0.20.x may help fix a few minor issues but you cant escape from the fact that keep-* properties cant be implemented there.

To reduce mess in the cvs if this proposal is wellcomed we could create a svn subdir, something like fop-0-20-2-maintain.

No one said there is a mess in CVS. I dont think there is a need to create a separate directory. A branch is fine.

Let me repeat again: I will ask PMC not to vote for the release if I get bogged down into anything but most simplisting bug fixing. Just go through Bugzilla and apply most evident and simple patches. And then ask people: has anthing become worse since 0.20.5.

The concern with allowing development of 0.20.x is not that we introduce regressions or that there are large changes. Simply, that it distracts from the real goal of FOP: getting the few simple bits finished in 1.0 so that we can do a release. And we really arent that far away. I reckon a developer with a good knowledge of the layout code could plug the main gaps in about 3-4 months solid work.

(What really killed me in 0.20.5 were troubles with table rendering when cells do have a background. And awt renderer produced pour-quality images cause it used int-based Graphics interface not a double-based one. And I have patch for that too. But some other patches as simple is that are floating around, some hyphenation patch.)


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