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Under which license have you set up the SourceForge project?


Simon Pepping wrote:
Dear FOP users,

In February 2004 a large number of hyphenation pattern files were
removed from FOP's CVS repository due to licensing issues. These
hyphenation patterns were contributed to FOP under licenses which
allowed their free distribution, but under conditions which were felt
to be in contradiction with the Apache license, under which FOP is
distributed. Most files are licensed under the LaTeX Project Public
License (, which requires
that no modified version be published under the name of the original
source file. For details see the FOP wiki page

I am please to announce that the hyphenation pattern files for FOP are
now made available by the project `Objects for Formatting Objects'
(offo) ( They can be downloaded from
offo's project page ( At this
moment the homepage of the project is not yet ready. Therefore the
overview of the hyphenation pattern files and their licenses is
available from my web site, It is also contained in
the package file.

Regards, Simon

-- Peter B. West <>

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