At Volvo we implemented the FOP-mechanism for rendering mainframe lists into 
On the mainframe we build a valid xml-file. this file is sent to the java-server, 
which will validate, parse and convert the document into 1 or more PDF documents.
This is a very very short explanation of what the program does :-)

The mechanism works fine for us, but there's one major problem. One of our lists is 
over 100 mb and it requires over 1 gb memory to process via FOP.
We've searched everything to make it more performant, but everytime the FOP starts the 
memory that is consumed is huge!

On the website I saw that you are working on a more performant version of FOP, but 
that you don't know when it will be released (2003).
We are almost at the end of 2004 and we are very interested if you know when it might 
be released? Solutions or temporary tips might also be very usefull!
For the smaller files (up to 50 megabytes) FOP works fine, but processing large files 
isn't very performant.

Thanks for your help and time,

Christophe Vanderhaeghen
analist - programmer
Christophe Vanderhaeghen

Volvo IT Belgium
AS-OTD (location BTE)

Telephone: 09/250.42.26 

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