On 23.09.2004 16:38:51 Victor Mote wrote:
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> Jeremias Maerki wrote:
> > Note: Support for EPS graphics in PDF has been deprecated 
> > with the latest specs.
> When I saw this comment, I went looking for this in the PDF Reference, Third
> Edition (for PDF 1.4) and Fourth Edition (for PDF 1.5), and couldn't find
> it. Could you be more specific about who is doing the deprecation?

PDF Reference Fourth Edition Version 1.5:
Chapter 4.7.1, page 296:
"Note: Since PDF 1.4 encompasses all of the Adobe imaging model features
of the PostScript language, there is no longer any reason to use
PostScript XObjects. This feature is likely to be removed from PDF in a
future version."

Apparently it already is in reality, because Acrobat Reader 6.0.2 no
longer passes EPS images to a PostScript printer, while Acrobat Reader
5.x does. 

> Reason: I am in the middle of writing a very rudimentary PS Interpreter for
> FOray, for purposes of "properly" parsing the contents of Type1 font files.
> There are easier ways to accomplish the immediate purpose, but one reason I
> went to this level of trouble is that I *think* it may help us in embedding
> EPS files in PDF. If EPS graphics are being deprecated within the PDF
> standard itself, that is of great interest.

Interesting. You probably know from my various comments on this list
that I'm longing for such a beast under BSD-style license. Having an
interpreter is one thing, but making it paint EPS files to a Graphics2D
will be another challenge altogether. But even if it only supported some
basic Level 1 elements this would already be extremely helpful.

Jeremias Maerki

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