On 11.10.2004 01:29:40 Glen Mazza wrote:
> Jeremias:  Why does the FOEventHandler need to know the MIME type 
> supported by a Renderer?

The FOEventHandler doesn't need to know the MIME type. But maybe the a
FOP integrator needs it.

> It hasn't been requesting it.  The "primary 
> key" of the Renderer is its constants value in fo.Constants, and the 
> FOEventHandler has already chosen the renderer based on this value by 
> this time.

Correct. But just after instantiation the MIME type is used to get the
renderer-specific configuration. That's just the way it is now. I
haven't changed that part (just moved it). It simply occured to me that
if every renderer we have is an AbstractRenderer which implements
getMimeType() then the interface can implement it, too. No harm there.

> What additional functionality are you trying to add to the next release 
> as a result of this change?

That change really wasn't with anything in the back of my head. Well, I
happen to prefer MIME type to some obscure integer constants even though
they don't apply to the AWT renderer.

Want me to roll back?

Jeremias Maerki

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