I see.  I liked Locator because I can get away with
passing in one parameter into the vCN() instead of
three.  (But I don't think we'll need to change that
portion of the code because whenever vCN() is being
called, the Locator *is* accurate--would you agree?)

Anyway, I do agree with your suggestion--obviously. 
If you would be able to take care of reverting it I
would appreciate it.  (If you find reverting it too
time-consuming, I can take care of it this weekend.) 
Also, thanks for the Locator lesson here.


--- Finn Bock <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi Glen,
> I think that your recent change that stores the
> Locator instance in each 
> FONode is incorrect use of the Locator interface.
> The docs says:
> """
> Note that the results returned by the object will be
> valid only during 
> the scope of each content handler method: the
> application will receive 
> unpredictable results if it attempts to use the
> locator at any other time.
> """
> And in fact, it is the same Locator instance that is
> stored in each FONode.
> I think it would be better to revert to using
> separate 
> line/column/systemId fields if we want to know the
> location of each FONode.
> regards,
> finn

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