I had posted this in the fop-user group and the responses indicated that
there is no way this can be implemented currently. Just wanted an opinion
from the fop-dev crowd.

My requirement is to render an XML as  a PDF and then print the PDF on the
clients default printer. I dont want the PDF to prompt user to open the
acrobat reader.

I already have an applet on the client side which uses PrinterJob class to
popup the printer selection box on client side.

Now how do I redirect the content from server to this printer?

Should I use Driver.RENDER_PRINT / Driver.RENDER_PCL set in the fop driver
renderer ? and what content type should the response object return?


PS: I have successfully use the FopPrinter example ( FopPrintServlet ) to
print pdfs on the app servers default printer but what I need is to be able
to print on the clients default printer and not on servers printer.

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