I'm simply forwarding this to you guys. Clay, would you please try to
take care of this for the FOP website?

Is there anyone from our two projects who will be there?

(Without the right president in place and without someone paying for a
ticket to fly over, I won't be there. ;-) Looking forward to the next
ApacheCon Europe...)

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Greetings, O ASF <project> PMC.

Yes, this is being sent to all of the ASF PMCs, and it has to do with

Two items:

Numbah One:
It has been noticed that many of the Foundation's own projects don't have
any sort of link or advert about ApacheCon on their front pages.  I am here
to request and exhort that you change this situation immediately, if not
sooner.  We need all the press we can get.

Please put something like this on your front page 'above the fold':

<a href="http://ApacheCon.Com/2004/US/";
><img src="http://ApacheCon.Com/2004/US/logos/logo_only.gif";
  width="170" height="100" alt="ApacheCon!" title="Come to ApacheCon!"
  border="0" /></a>

Similarly, please let your committers know about the 'ASF committer'
logo, and ask them to put a similar link to ApacheCon on *their* sites
using 'asf_committer.gif' instead of 'logo_only.gif'.

I'm attaching both of these logos to encourage wide dissemination.  There
are other logos available at http://ApacheCon.Com/2004/US/logos/ (but obviously
not all are really for general consumption).

Item Numbah Two:
Not all of the ASF projects are represented at ApacheCon by having sessions
or BOFs scheduled.  We (the ASF concom) *very* much want *all* projects to
get *lots* of attention from ApacheCon attendees.  To that end, I'm asking the
PMCs to maybe find out whom from their projects will be at the conference
and might be able to wear a button like 'Ask Me About Apache Foo!'  Or maybe
have a stack of one-page sheets about each of some/many/most/all of the projects
available at the registration table, or around during the reception, or

I know, I know -- that's documentation.  Yggh.  Nevertheless, ApacheCon
represents a golden opportunity to increase awareness of and mindshare about
your project.  *Please* consider taking advantage of it!

If you'd like some 'Ask Me About Apache <Foo>!' buttons, please let us know
the details (what 'foo' is, what colours are preferred [no guarantees], and
how many) in a message to [EMAIL PROTECTED]  I can't guarantee that we'll
be able to make them, but we'll try.  Oh, and the names of the people who
have volunteered to wear 'em would be good, too, so we can try to make the
contracted registration people aware that there's a button for Jean D'Oh.
Or we could just get a bunch and let people pick 'em up.

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