BTW, we do not necessarily need to change the email
addresses for the FOP and Batik mailing lists.  It
would nice anyway to keep the archives as one, instead
of needing to bounce between two lists.

We can also wait several months before changing.  Who
knows, there may be other changes down the road that
would require the "xmlgraphics" part to change again
anyway.  (For example, Apache wishing to group its
TLP's into zones-- XML, Jakarta, WS, etc.  In that
case [EMAIL PROTECTED] etc. would still be fine
for a ML name.)


--- Jeremias Maerki <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> I can't tell what side-effects will arise from what
> I requested. I was
> hoping there weren't any. Why don't you just ask the
> infrastructure
> people? They will know better.
> PS. Can we please use general@ for such discussions
> to minimize
> cross-posting? By now, everyone interested in the
> XML Graphics setup
> will be subscribed to [EMAIL PROTECTED]

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