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When the Apache Forrest project changed to a new domain, they also changed from [EMAIL PROTECTED] to [EMAIL PROTECTED] & [EMAIL PROTECTED] Unfortunately, with this change comes (IMHO) a significant problem for browsers of the archives: forrest-dev@ mail is a completely separate mailing list (with a separate interface). The problem is that forrest-dev was used for *all* dev *&* user mailing list traffic, so a search in the 'current' mailing lists' archives does not include content in forrest-dev (that's a separate search).

Which archives are you looking at?

The eyebrowse archives include the [EMAIL PROTECTED] and go back to November 2002.

http://nagoya.apache.org/eyebrowse/BrowseList? [EMAIL PROTECTED]&by=date&from=2002-05-01&to=2002-05 -31&first=1&count=636

For Eyebrowse, when moving a list name, we generally set up a new archive under the new list name and index all the old messages into the new archive.


Sorry. I guess I'm having trouble explaining this.

Because [EMAIL PROTECTED] was the only list for a long time, it was used for Forrest DEV issues *&* for Forrest USER issues. When the Forrest was made an Apache Top-Level-Project (http://forrest.apache.org) they decided to split the list into [EMAIL PROTECTED] and [EMAIL PROTECTED]

The problem is that all of the USER-related information in the old [EMAIL PROTECTED] is inaccessible to a query by a someone searching the [EMAIL PROTECTED] mailing list archives.

The solution (IMO) is to copy the [EMAIL PROTECTED] information in to the [EMAIL PROTECTED] mailing list archives (I realize it's already copied to the [EMAIL PROTECTED] archive). (NOTE: I want to reiterate that I'm not requesting this change be done as I'm not a Forrest Committer and this has not been discussed on [EMAIL PROTECTED]). I just want to ensure the integrity of fop-dev & fop-user lists remain intact during the switch from [EMAIL PROTECTED] to [EMAIL PROTECTED] It sounds like both archives can be merged, so this should not be a problem for XML Graphics.

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