Howdy folks,

I updated the Apache FOP web site. It now uses Apache Forrest 0.6, a new skin/theme and (drum roll please...) new FOP logo. Other the changes included in this 'release':
- new, improved look & feel ;-)
- new FOP logo (thanks to all submitters & especially Scott Hoffman & Victor Mote!)
- wholesite.html[3] file (contains entire site in one 639K file!)
- added link in breadcrumb
- added newest Committers to the Team page[4]
(we could use blurbs from those of you who haven't provided one ;-)
- added mailing list info & other renderers to FOP Resources page[5]
- added Defoe & FOray to FOP Resources page

In addition, PBW's was renamed Defoe & moved to[6]. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Peter B. West for his many past (and hopefully continuing!) contributions the Apache FOP Project. The design/ directory no longer exists on FOP. I'll get a re-direct for that directory.

There are a few problems with the new site that are still being resolved:
- wholesite.pdf is broken (d'oh!) but will be fixed (or removed ;-) soon!
- many svg/png/pdf files were transformed 'manually' instead of via Cocoon
- the Apache XML Graphics Project logo is a work in progress
- I like darker blue borders on <> site nav

I welcome the recipients of this e-mail to go through the site and make comments. I took a few liberties here and there (e.g., the breadcrumb looks funny, but I *think* it'll be OK...). Everything should be up-to-date. Hopefully I've gotten the most recent changes to documentation in. Now that I've got the web site rendering I hope to have more time for Web site updates and other improvements.

[1] Apache FOP Web Site
[2] Apache FOP Logo Contest
[3] Apache FOP Whole Site HTML
[4] FOP Team page
[5] FOP Resources page
[6] Defoe web site (new home of FOP 'Alt.Design' branch)

Have a nice weekend!

Web Maestro Clay
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