2.) Appended EN_ to enumeration constants to


Yuk. Having a large number of identifiers in the
same scope with
an identical prefix isn't very good for
autocompletion both in
Emacs and Eclipse.


We've been doing the same with PR_ (properties) and
FO_ (FO's) for quite some time.

To avoid a name conflict somewhere.

After hitting the
EN_, you're at the same place you would be without the
prefix.  Furthermore, you can now hunt away for your
enumeration constants without them being intermixed
with the PR_'s and FO_'s.

It was also a commenting issue:  TRUE and FALSE, for
example, without a prefix, just weren't self
documenting enough to emphasize that we're working
with enumeration constants here.  (Remember, we
removed the old interfaces--per your desire as well as
mine--such as WritingMode.LR_TB or whatever that
previously provided that emphasis.)

How about having 3 interfaces: 'Properties', 'Elements' and 'Enums' which contains the constants without any prefix. And then decide that these interfaces are never implemented, but the constants are always accessed using the interface name:

That would keep the searchability and perhaps even help us when (if) we move to typesafe enums.


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