Finn Bock wrote:

> I tend to read that to mean that word spacing may be pushed beyond the
> specified range by justification. And I would think that unjustified
> alignment still has the option of using the word-spacing range but
> ofcourse has to stay within the range.

I'm not convinced ...
The effect of having left-aligned text and adjustable word-spacing would
be an output in which most lines are justified, but the ones in which the
adjustment ratio would be > 1 ... I really don't think this would be
better than having all lines left-aligned! :-)

And if the user sets text-align="left" but does not explicitly sets
word-spacing, and the default value is used, and for a lucky coincidence
the algorithm find breaking points involving ratios < 1, the output would
show justified lines, instead of the left-aligned lines the user would
have likely expected.


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