Hi Victor,

just had a look at the package (in CVS). I think you're on the right
track with this one. Good work so far. Definitely makes me avoid putting
any refactoring to the font subsystem in FOP CVS HEAD on my todo list
for next year. :-) We'll talk about that again in a few weeks.

On 16.12.2004 18:00:51 Victor Mote wrote:
> Hi Jeremias and any others interested:
> I finally got around to cleaning up the static nature of the FOray
> FontServer class. It now can be and must be instantiated, and I agree that
> this is a cleaner approach.
> One of the main reasons that I hung on to the static-ish stuff is that I
> didn't want to tote the FontServer around everywhere that Fonts were needed.
> To avoid this, the FontServer instance is encapsulated in the FontConsumer
> implementation. The FontConsumer still (as before) needs to be available
> anywhere that font services are needed. Within FOray, this is pretty easily
> accomplished by caching it once at the top of the tree and using recursive
> methods to get to it, so font-related services are pretty unobtrusive.

Jeremias Maerki

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