Peter B. West wrote:

> Victor, I think you may have misinterpreted an aspect of 
> Defoe's design. 
>   The re-parsing (of attribute data) is only required for 
> static-content and markers.  Even then, it is not essential, 
> merely the simplest way to achieve the result, given a stream 
> of pre-parsed (in SAX terms) events. 
>   I'm quite happy with serializing the partial results where 
> rendering cannot be resolved due to forward references.  I 
> don't see auto table layout and other localized look-ahead 
> requiring this.

Now that you mention it, I recall you saying something about a "temporary
data structure" (IIRC), to which I replied "sounds like an FO Tree", to
which I never received a substantive reply. My apologies -- I didn't mean to
misrepresent Defoe.

I have some other comments on the table layout and look-ahead issues, but
I'll make them to you off-line, because I think the FOP folks don't want the
design conversations here.

My apologies for my part in starting this thread. Simon's original comment
could be interpreted in either a general or specific way, and I just wanted
to clarify that aspect of it. I didn't mean to start a debate at all.

Victor Mote

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